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Author : Eric Hartell
Update time : 2023-01-31 16:54:32
  In 21st century, phrases like "green" are very common in the restaurant industry.  In this case, we are talking about small-scale eco-friendly products like bagasse plates. Too often, seemingly small changes in the world don't have a huge impact on businesses or individuals, but they can work together to have a bigger impact on issues on a global scale.

  When you think about disposable tableware, the most common line of thought is plastic, and more specifically, disposable plastic. For decades, plastic food utensils have been a staple in kitchens and cafeterias around the world. This is where the bagasse plate helps realize the real possibility of this change. Bagasse tableware offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic tableware.

Bagasse plates  Hyde offers bagasse plates
  Hyde Packaging is a company focused on producing eco-friendly products, working to create sustainable alternatives to many of the food-related items we've long been accustomed to. In the range of available and stylish tableware, a range of bagasse square dishes are designed to provide eco-friendly options for those interested in making a positive difference. In a similar process, our eco-friendly products are made entirely from bagasse and corn fiber. What does it mean? This means that at every stage of the manufacturing process, no trees are felled or felled in order to collect manufacturing materials.

  All eco-friendly tableware collections are made from 100% renewable resources and every product is BPI certified and compostable. Bagasse tableware is also more attractive than plastic. Going green doesn't sacrifice style.

  Things like plastic bags and plastic bottles always come to mind when considering which items are thrown away causing the most damage to the environment, but plastic tableware is also adding to the problem without mainstream attention.

  Popular bagasse plate
  As we said, the idea of buying and using bagasse plates may not be your priority when it comes to being greener, but you're touching these items a lot more often than you might think.

  Weddings can often accommodate hundreds of people, and instead of sitting down to china plates and silver tableware, many couples opt for large buffets that guests can explore at their own pace. To accommodate such a large amount of food in a decent manner, the obvious option is to arrange the food on many disposable plates. If every wedding buffet decides to swap plastic trays for sustainable bagasse squares, you can imagine what impact it would have on the disposable problem.

  In popular pop culture, more and more restaurants are offering take-out menus and delivery services, which are likely to come in trays and boxes made of disposable plastic. Switching to bagasse plates will immediately make the delivery process more environmentally friendly, with no impact on the quality of the customer base.

  Bagasse plates are an absolute must when caterers need to make and deliver large quantities of food for a function. Bagasse dinnerware can help you host the most sustainable and environmentally friendly dinner parties possible. It may seem like a novelty on the first try, but over time you will find that owning these products is the key to being eco-friendly.

Hydepackage Wholesale Biodegradable Compostable Sugarcane Plates/Trays Videos From YouTube

  Add an eco-friendly twist to your main dish with our bagasse tableware. What better way to use foodservice equipment you know you can use again and again without compromising its ethical and environmental reputation? You and your restaurant business can make a difference every day if you replace some disposable plastics with bagasse plates, a sustainable product.
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